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get rid of LaTeX-friendly escaping

        def unescape_bad_latex_chars(texstring):
    '''get rid of LaTeX-friendly escaping'''
    invalidchars = (r'#', r'$', r'%', r'&', r'_') #, '{', '}'
    valid_escapes = (r'\#', r'\$', r'\%', r'\&', r'\_')
    for k in range(len(invalidchars)):
        texstring = string.replace(texstring, valid_escapes[k], invalidchars[k])
    return texstring

src/p/i/pieberry-library-assistant-1.7-7/pieberry/pieberry_pybtex.py   pieberry-library-assistant(Download)
    href_search = re_href.search(rendered_data)
    output_data = None
    from pieberry_output import unescape_bad_latex_chars as ublc
    if href_search and format == 'html': 
        href = href_search.group(1)
        label = href_search.group(2)
        output_data = re_href.sub('<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (ublc(href), label), rendered_data)
        # hyperlink urls
        if e.fields.has_key('url'):
            output_data = rendered_data.replace(e.fields['howpublished'], '<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (ublc(e.fields['url']), e.fields['howpublished']))
    # hacky reformatting of URLs
    if not output_data: