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Raised when the resource/object in question can't be found.

src/p/i/piecrust-HEAD/piecrust/resources.py   piecrust(Download)
from piecrust.bundle import Bundle
from piecrust.cache import NoCache
from piecrust.exceptions import NotFound, BadRequest, HydrationError, ImmediateHttpResponse, ObjectDoesNotExist, MultipleObjectsReturned, ValidationError
from piecrust import fields
from piecrust import http
            view, args, kwargs = resolve(chomped_uri)
        except Resolver404:
            raise NotFound("The URL provided '%s' was not a link to a valid resource." % uri)
        return self.obj_get(request=request, **self.remove_api_resource_names(kwargs))

src/p/i/piecrust-HEAD/piecrust/fields.py   piecrust(Download)
import re
from piecrust.bundle import Bundle
from piecrust.exceptions import ApiFieldError, NotFound
from piecrust.utils import dict_strip_unicode_keys
                if not lookup_kwargs:
                    raise NotFound()
                return fk_resource.obj_update(fk_bundle, **lookup_kwargs)