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A cache for Flickr photostream metadata.

src/p/i/pif-HEAD/pif/index.py   pif(Download)
        self.files = pif.local.FileIndex(files_fn)
        self.photos = pif.flickr.PhotoIndex(self.proxy, photos_fn)
        self.hashes = pif.hash.HashIndex(self.photos, hashes_fn)

src/p/i/pif-HEAD/tests/flickr_tests.py   pif(Download)
from nose.tools import assert_raises, raises
from pif.flickr import FlickrError, PhotoIndex, get_proxy
from tests import DATA
    def setUp(self):
        self.proxy = Mock('FlickrAPI')
        self.index_fn = tempfile.mktemp()  # OK to use as we're just testing...
        self.index = PhotoIndex(self.proxy, filename=self.index_fn)
    def test_init_no_proxy(self):
        """Initialize PhotoIndex with no proxy"""
        i = PhotoIndex(None, self.index_fn)