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src/p/i/PigeonComputer-HEAD/pigeon/assembler/pyavrasm.py   PigeonComputer(Download)
from myhdl import intbv
from pigeon.assembler.instructions import InstructionsMixin
from pigeon.assembler.util import (
    for k, v in defs.iteritems():
      if isinstance(v, int):
        defs[k] = v = ibv(v)
      log.debug('defining %s = %#x', k, v)
    :rtype: ``None``
    address = ibv(address)
    log.debug('setting org to %#06x', address)
    update(self.here, address)
      # Adjust addresses for relative ops.
      if op in ('rcall', 'rjmp', 'brne', 'breq', 'brlo', 'brcc', 'brsh'):
        args = self._adjust(op, args, ibv(int(addr, 16)))
      # see instruction in Amtel manual.
  def _adjust(self, op, args, addr):
    return (ibv(args[0] - addr - 1),)
  def to_hex(self, f):