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A couchdb implementation that supports preloading a cache and a bit of
additional controls on topof that.

This is useful when you need to iterate through some thing one at a time
but want to get gains of bulk-loading documents.

The specific use case is python-filtered pillows and fast reindexing.

src/c/o/commcare-hq-HEAD/corehq/apps/hqcase/management/commands/ptop_fast_reindexer.py   commcare-hq(Download)
from django.core.management.base import NoArgsCommand
import simplejson
from pillowtop.couchdb import CachedCouchDB
        bulk_slice = []
        self.pillow.couch_db = CachedCouchDB(self.pillow.document_class.get_db().uri,

src/p/i/pillowtop-0.1.5/pillowtop/listener.py   pillowtop(Download)
from dimagi.utils.decorators.memoized import memoized
from pillowtop.couchdb import CachedCouchDB
from .utils import import_settings
        if self.document_class:
            if self.use_chunking:
                self.couch_db = CachedCouchDB(self.document_class.get_db().uri, readonly=False)
                self.couch_db = self.document_class.get_db()