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src/b/o/bodhi-HEAD/bodhi/util.py   bodhi(Download)
    critpath_type = config.get('critpath.type')
    if critpath_type == 'pkgdb':
        from pkgdb2client import PkgDB
        pkgdb = PkgDB(config.get('pkgdb_url'))
        results = pkgdb.get_critpath_packages(branches=collection)

src/f/e/fedora-packages-HEAD/fedoracommunity/connectors/pkgdbconnector.py   fedora-packages(Download)
        table = {}
        pkgdb = pkgdb2client.PkgDB(self._base_url)
        if eol:
            active = ['Active', 'Under Development']
    def get_pkgdb(self):
        return pkgdb2client.PkgDB(self._base_url)
    def get_num_pkgs_per_collection(self, name='Fedora'):
        """ Get the number of packages per collection in a flot-friendly format """