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Returns the system/OS name, e.g. 'Linux', 'Windows' or 'Java'.

An empty string is returned if the value cannot be determined.

        def system():

    """ Returns the system/OS name, e.g. 'Linux', 'Windows' or 'Java'.

        An empty string is returned if the value cannot be determined.

    return uname()[0]

src/b/e/BeginningPythonExercises-HEAD/other/system_admin/PULSA/pythonForSystemAdmin/src/example_8_1.py   BeginningPythonExercises(Download)

src/b/e/BeginningPythonExercises-HEAD/other/system_admin/PULSA/pythonForSystemAdmin/src/example_8_2.py   BeginningPythonExercises(Download)
    def queryOS(self):
        if platform.system() == "Darwin":
            return self.osx
        elif platform.system() == "Linux":
            return self.linuxType()
        elif platform.system() == self.sun:
            return self.sun
        elif platform.system() == self.fbsd:

src/b/o/bokeh_examples-HEAD/xbee_listen.py   bokeh_examples(Download)
    PORT = '/dev/ttyAMA0' #set tty port BEAGLE BONE NOTE: O1 
    if platform.system() == 'Linux':
        PORT = '/dev/ttyUSB0'
    if platform.system() == 'Darwin':

src/p/y/python4astronomers-HEAD/examples/compiled_extensions/pyrexcsrc/setup.py   python4astronomers(Download)
c_headers = [numpy.get_include()+'/numpy/arrayobject.h']
if platform.system() == 'SunOS':
    c_libs.extend(['Cstd', 'sunmath'])

src/p/y/python4astronomers-HEAD/examples/compiled_extensions/fsrc/setup.py   python4astronomers(Download)
needf90 = False
if platform.system() == 'Darwin':
    needf90 = True 
    from numpy.distutils.fcompiler.gnu import GnuFCompiler

src/p/y/python4astronomers-HEAD/examples/compiled_extensions/csrc/setup.py   python4astronomers(Download)
c_lib_dirs = []
if platform.system() == 'SunOS':
    c_libs.extend(['Cstd', 'sunmath'])

src/p/y/python4astronomers-HEAD/examples/compiled_extensions/cppsrc/setup.py   python4astronomers(Download)
c_lib_dirs = []
if platform.system() == 'SunOS':
    c_libs.extend(['Cstd', 'sunmath'])

src/t/a/taurus-3.2.0/lib/taurus/core/evaluation/dev_example.py   taurus(Download)
    def getFreeSpace(self, dir):
        """ return free space (in bytes). 
        (Recipe adapted from `http://stackoverflow.com/questions/51658`)
        if platform.system() == 'Windows':

src/p/y/python-sfml-HEAD/examples/pyqt4/qsfml_canvas.py   python-sfml(Download)
			# to ensure that SFML will get an updated view of the windows
			# create the SFML window with the widget handle
			if platform.system() == 'Linux':
				from ctypes import cdll
				x11 = cdll.LoadLibrary("libX11.so")

src/p/e/personis-0.933/personis/examples/activity/__main__.py   personis(Download)
import math
osname = os.name + platform.system()
if osname == 'posixLinux':
    import ctypes

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