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src/p/o/portfoliyo-HEAD/portfoliyo/tests/model/village/test_models.py   portfoliyo(Download)
            mock_now.return_value = datetime.datetime(
                2012, 9, 17, 6, 25, tzinfo=utc)
            post = models.Post.create(rel.elder, rel.student, 'Foo\n')
        assert post.author == rel.elder
            from_profile__user__email=None, to_profile=rel.student)
        post = models.Post.create(rel.elder, rel.student, 'Foo')
        assert not unread.is_unread(post, rel.elder)
        post = models.Post.create(
            rel.elder, rel.student, 'Foo\n', from_sms=True)
        assert post.from_sms == True
        with mock.patch(target) as mock_trigger:
            post = models.Post.create(
                rel.elder, rel.student, 'Foo\n', sequence_id='33')
        args = mock_trigger.call_args[0]
        with mock.patch(target) as mock_send_sms:
            post = models.Post.create(
                'Hey dad',