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This module is deprecated as exceptions are defined in _error.py
and are supposed to be accessed from 'psutil' namespace as in:
- psutil.NoSuchProcess
- psutil.AccessDenied
- psutil.TimeoutExpired

src/c/t/ctrldaemon-0.2/ctrldaemon/ctrldaemon.py   ctrldaemon(Download)
    from psutil import _error
except ImportError:
    from psutil import error as _error
from copy import deepcopy
import re

src/a/8/a8-0.11/a8/terminals.py   a8(Download)
import logbook
import gtk, gobject, gtk.gdk, pango, vte
import psutil, psutil.error
from pygtkhelpers import delegates
from pygtkhelpers.ui import dialogs