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A string formatter.

:class:`Formatter` extends the advanced string formatter described in
:pep:`3101` and implemented in Python versions greater than 2.5. It
provides hooks that simplify token conversion (:attr:`converters`) and
recognize special template variables (:attr:`markers`). Since it uses
:meth:`str._formatter_parser` (implemented in C in the standard interpreter)
to parse the input string, it should also perform relatively well.

src/p/t/ptemplate-0.1.2/lib/ptemplate/template.py   ptemplate(Download)
from ptemplate.formatter import Formatter
from ptemplate.util import logger
    def __init__(self, extra_vars_func=None, options=None, template=''):
        self.log = logger(__name__, self)
        self.options = options
        self.template = template
        self.formatter = Formatter()