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src/p/y/pyptpchdk-0.2.1/py/devicecontroller.py   pyptpchdk(Download)
                msg = self.device.chdkReadScriptMessage()
                msg_data, msg_type, script_id = msg
                if (msg_type in (CHDKMessageType.RET, CHDKMessageType.ERR) and
                    script_id == self.script_id):
                    # This should be the last message we can expect from the
                    # the camera.
                    if msg_type == CHDKMessageType.ERR:
                'Content: %s' % ((msg, msg_type, id), ))
        elif msg_type != CHDKMessageType.USER:
            if msg_type == CHDKMessageType.ERR:
                error_message = 'Camera script error:\n%s\n\n%s' % (
                    msg, self.luaScriptWithLineNumbers())