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Class with methods to open, read, write, close, list zip files.

z = ZipFile(file, mode="r", compression=ZIP_STORED, allowZip64=False)

file: Either the path to the file, or a file-like object.
      If it is a path, the file will be opened and closed by ZipFile.
mode: The mode can be either read "r", write "w" or append "a".
compression: ZIP_STORED (no compression) or ZIP_DEFLATED (requires zlib).
allowZip64: if True ZipFile will create files with ZIP64 extensions when
            needed, otherwise it will raise an exception when this would(more...)

src/d/e/devpi-common-1.2/devpi_common/archive.py   devpi-common(Download)
        f = open(str(dest), "wb")
    zip = py.std.zipfile.ZipFile(f, "w")
        _writezip(zip, basedir)
def zip_dict(contentdict):
    f = py.io.BytesIO()
    zip = py.std.zipfile.ZipFile(f, "w")
    _writezip_fromdict(zip, contentdict)