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imap(func, *iterables) --> imap object

Make an iterator that computes the function using arguments from
each of the iterables.  Like map() except that it returns
an iterator instead of a list and that it stops when the shortest
iterable is exhausted instead of filling in None for shorter

src/b/l/blz-0.6.2/blz/btable.py   blz(Download)
from .bparams import bparams
from .chunked_eval import eval as blz_eval
from .py2help import _inttypes, _strtypes, imap, xrange
# BLZ utilities
        icols = tuple(icols)
        namedt = namedtuple('row', dtype.names)
        iterable = imap(namedt, *icols)
        return iterable

src/b/l/blz-0.6.2/blz/vtable.py   blz(Download)
import numpy as np
from .py2help import _inttypes, imap, xrange
_inttypes += (np.integer,)