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src/o/c/ocean-HEAD/graph_workers/neo4j_wrapper.py   ocean(Download)
    my_batch = neo4j.ReadBatch(graph_db)
    my_batch.append_cypher(cypher_query, params)
    result = my_batch.submit()
    if type(result) is py2neo.neo4j.Node: return [result]
        "\"Content\" \n"+\
        "and w.title = {news_title} \n" + "RETURN count(w)"
    my_batch.append_cypher(cypher_query, {"news_title" : news_title.encode("utf8")})
    results = my_batch.submit()
    return results[0]
        WHERE has(n.model_name)
        RETURN n
    results = my_batch.submit()

src/o/c/ocean-HEAD/scripts/ocean_small_exemplary_data.py   ocean(Download)
    read_batch = neo4j.ReadBatch(graph_db)
    read_batch.append_cypher('MATCH n RETURN count(n)')
    print 'Nodes in graph initially ', read_batch.submit()
    print 'Erasing nodes and relations'
    # Sanity check
    read_batch.append_cypher('MATCH (n) RETURN count(n)')
    result = read_batch.submit()
    print 'Nodes in graph erased. Sanity check : ', result