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src/p/y/py2neo-1.6.4/py2neo/packages/httpstream/http.py   py2neo(Download)
from py2neo.packages.jsonstream import JSONStream
from py2neo.packages.urimagic import URI, URITemplate
from py2neo.packages.urimagic.kvlist import KeyValueList  # no point in another copy
def submit(method, uri, body, headers):
    """ Submit one HTTP request.
    uri = URI(uri)
    headers["Host"] = uri.host_port
    def uri(self, value):
        self._uri = URI(value)
    def body(self):
    def submit(self, redirect_limit=0, product=None, **response_kwargs):
        """ Submit this request and return a
        :py:class:`Response <httpstream.Response>` object.
        uri = URI(self.uri)
    def __init__(self, http, uri, request, response, **kwargs):
        self._http = http
        self._uri = URI(uri)
        self._request = request
        self._response = response