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A KeyValueList is a list of key-value pairs that functions as an
ordered dictionary with support for duplicate keys.

An instance can be created using either an iterable sequence of pairs or a
mapping plus an optional set of keyword arguments:

>>> kvl = KeyValueList([('a', 1), ('c', 7), 'cx', ('b', [8, 9])], c='b')
>>> kvl
KeyValueList([('a', 1), ('c', 7), ('c', 'x'), ('b', [8, 9]), ('c', 'b')])

src/p/y/py2neo-1.6.4/py2neo/packages/httpstream/http.py   py2neo(Download)
from py2neo.packages.jsonstream import JSONStream
from py2neo.packages.urimagic import URI, URITemplate
from py2neo.packages.urimagic.kvlist import KeyValueList  # no point in another copy
from . import __version__
        self._response = response
        self._reason = kwargs.get("reason")
        self.__headers = KeyValueList(self._response.getheaders())
        #: Default chunk size for this response
        self.chunk_size = kwargs.get("chunk_size", default_chunk_size)