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Nodes to represent a VBA program as an AST.

src/p/y/py2vba-HEAD/py2vba/export.py   py2vba(Download)
from py2vba import vbast
from excelbt import vbproject
def add_procedural_module_to_vbproject(project, module):
    project.add_module(vbproject.Module(module.name, module.as_code()))

src/p/y/py2vba-HEAD/py2vba/test/test_convert.py   py2vba(Download)
import py.test
from py2vba import vbast
from py2vba.convert import vbmeta
from py2vba.vbast import Integer, String, Collection

src/p/y/py2vba-HEAD/py2vba/test/helpers.py   py2vba(Download)
from win32com.client import Dispatch
from py2vba import vbast, convert, export
from excelbt.vbproject import Module, VBProject, ClassModule