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Does this pattern exactly match a sequence of nodes?

src/p/y/py3kwarn-HEAD/py3kwarn2to3/tests/test_pytree.py   py3kwarn(Download)
        pw = pytree.WildcardPattern([[pn], [pl, pl]], name="pw")
        r = {}
        self.assertFalse(pw.match_seq([root], r))
        self.assertEqual(r, {})
        self.assertFalse(pw.match_seq([n1], r))
        self.assertEqual(r, {})
        self.assertTrue(pw.match_seq([n2], r))
        self.assertEqual(r, {"pl": l1, "pn": n2, "pw": [n2]})
        r = {}
        self.assertTrue(pw.match_seq([l1, l3], r))
        self.assertEqual(r, {"pl": l3, "pw": [l1, l3]})
        self.assertTrue(r["pl"] is l3)