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A pure python implementation of the DES and TRIPLE DES encryption algorithms.

Class initialization
pyDes.des(key, [mode], [IV], [pad], [padmode])
pyDes.triple_des(key, [mode], [IV], [pad], [padmode])

key     -> Bytes containing the encryption key. 8 bytes for DES, 16 or 24 bytes
           for Triple DES
mode    -> Optional argument for encryption type, can be either(more...)

src/a/p/AppValidationAutomation-0[1][1]-0.1/App/Validation/Automation/unix.py   AppValidationAutomation(Download)
import os, ssh, re
import logging
import types 
import pyDes

src/p/y/pyf.services-2.0.2/pyf/services/core/password.py   pyf.services(Download)
from base64 import b64encode, b64decode
import pyDes
# Monkey patch this and protect the source of the monkey patch

src/b/e/beeswarm-HEAD/beeswarm/shared/vnc/des.py   beeswarm(Download)
import pyDes
# Taken from http://code.google.com/p/python-vnc-viewer/source/browse/rfb.py
class RFBDes(pyDes.des):

src/s/p/SportsDevil-Fixes-HEAD/plugin.video.SportsDevil/lib/utils/decryptionUtils.py   SportsDevil-Fixes(Download)
# -*- coding: latin-1 -*-
import pyDes
import urllib
import re

src/s/x/sx_pi-HEAD/old/pure/pureSXLinux.py   sx_pi(Download)
import pyDes,pyAes,binascii
import time,hashlib,struct,sys,socket,urllib2,json,re
import os.path

src/w/e/webutils-0.9.6/webutils/cryptproc/__init__.py   webutils(Download)
import pyDes
import base64
def handle_crypt(key, data, decrypt=True):

src/c/l/CloudBackup-HEAD/CloudBackup/lib/crypto.py   CloudBackup(Download)
import pyDes
__author__ = "Chine King"

src/m/i/miro-HEAD/tv/lib/amazon.py   miro(Download)
from miro import fileutil
    import pyDes as des
except ImportError:
    from miro import des

src/a/g/AgileCLU-0.4.2/AgileCLU/__init__.py   AgileCLU(Download)
import jsonrpclib
import ConfigParser, sys, os.path, logging
import poster 
import pyDes, hashlib, base64
from urllib2 import Request, urlopen, URLError, HTTPError

src/a/r/arquiapgw-0.2.3/arquiapgw/__init__.py   arquiapgw(Download)
from multiprocessing import Lock
import pyDes
DATA = [

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