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src/e/n/enrico-HEAD/enrico/utils.py   enrico(Download)
def dNde(energy,Fit,name):
    '''Compute the dN/dE value at energy E fir the source name'''
    import pyLikelihood
    ptsrc = pyLikelihood.PointSource_cast(Fit[name].src)
    arg = pyLikelihood.dArg(energy)
def GetCovar(srcname, Fit, verbose = True):
    """Extract covariance matrix"""
    import pyLikelihood
    par_index_map = {}
    indx = 0

src/e/n/enrico-HEAD/enrico/plotting.py   enrico(Download)
import ROOT
import pyfits
import pyLikelihood
from enrico.constants import MEV_TO_ERG, ERG_TO_MEV
from enrico import root_style