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Implementation and variations on calACS-DP.

Implementation of the calACS-DP (all common subsequences - dynamic programming)
algorithm as presented in Hui Wang's "All common subsequences."
IJCAI 2007:635-640 (ACM). This module also introduces a variation which can
produce a list all of those common subsequences. Additionally, both the classic
implementation as well as the variation offer some space optimizations
similar to those found in longest common subsequence imeplementations.

@author: A. Samuel Pottinger (samnsparky, Gleap LLC, http://gleap.org)(more...)

src/p/y/py_common_subseq-0.1.4/py_common_subseq/test_py_common_subseq.py   py_common_subseq(Download)
import unittest
import py_common_subseq
ALL_SHARED_1 = 'est'