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src/r/a/random_walker-HEAD/example_tomography_data.py   random_walker(Download)
from random_walker import random_walker
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    import pyamg

src/p/y/pyamg-2.1.0/pyamg/strength.py   pyamg(Download)
import numpy as np
import pyamg
from pyamg.util.utils import scale_rows, scale_columns, scale_rows_by_largest_entry
from scipy import sparse

src/p/y/pysit-0.5b3/pysit/util/derivatives/derivatives.py   pysit(Download)
import scipy.sparse as spsp
import pyamg
from pyamg.gallery import stencil_grid

src/s/f/sfepy-HEAD/sfepy/solvers/ls.py   sfepy(Download)
    def __init__( self, conf, **kwargs ):
            import pyamg
        except ImportError:
            msg =  'cannot import pyamg!'

src/s/u/sucem-fem-HEAD/sucemfem/Utilities/LinalgSolvers.py   sucem-fem(Download)
        @return: The solution to the linear system.
        import pyamg
        x = pyamg.solve ( self._A, self._b, verb=True, tol=1e-8, maxiter=800 )
        return x, 0

src/p/o/poissonblending-HEAD/poissonblending.py   poissonblending(Download)
import scipy.sparse
import PIL.Image
import pyamg

src/p/y/pyamg-2.1.0/test_pyamg_install.py   pyamg(Download)
import pyamg
result = pyamg.test()

src/p/y/pyamg-2.1.0/pyamg/util/tests/test_utils.py   pyamg(Download)
from scipy.sparse import csr_matrix, isspmatrix, bsr_matrix, isspmatrix_bsr, spdiags
import pyamg
from pyamg.util.utils import *

src/p/y/pyamg-2.1.0/pyamg/testing/__init__.py   pyamg(Download)
    print "nose version %d.%d.%d" % nose.__versioninfo__
    import pyamg
    print "PyAMG version %s" % pyamg.__version__
    spdir = os.path.dirname(pyamg.__file__)

src/p/y/pyamg-2.1.0/pyamg/krylov/tests/test_simple_iterations.py   pyamg(Download)
from scipy.linalg import solve
from pyamg.util.linalg import norm
import pyamg

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