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PyBikes is a parsing library to extract bike sharing information from multiple
sources. It contains multiple classes to handle this sort of information,
and is not a class itself. The idea is to be able to call it like:

from pybikes import BicingShareSystem, BicingStation

bicing = new BicingShareSystem() <- Returns BicingShareSystem
print "%s: %s" % ("Bicing City is", bicing.meta.city)
stations = bicing.get_stations() <- Returns Array[BicingStation]

src/p/y/PyBikes-HEAD/extractors/filler.py   PyBikes(Download)
from googlegeocoder import GoogleGeocoder
from slugify import slugify
import pybikes
geocoder = GoogleGeocoder()

src/p/y/PyBikes-HEAD/extractors/cyclocity.py   PyBikes(Download)
from slugify import slugify
import pybikes
api_key = 'ace81338b73283277ddfe54c217ab965ac93cb50'

src/p/y/PyBikes-HEAD/tests/unittest_pybikes.py   PyBikes(Download)
import sys
import pybikes
from pybikes import *
from pybikes import utils