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A Simple Python/R/SQL Hybrid Reporting Framework.

Various methods and objects are available at the top level:

run() --- run reports with a ReportRunner.
main() --- run reports with user specified CLI options.
hooks.* --- pre- and post- hooks for modifying runner.
filters.* --- filters for limiting reports generated.(more...)

src/p/y/pybrid-1.0.3/pybrid/main.py   pybrid(Download)
import pybrid
import optparse
import sys

src/p/y/pybrid-1.0.3/pybrid/loader.py   pybrid(Download)
from fnmatch import fnmatch
from os.path import relpath
import pybrid
VALID_MODULE_NAME = re.compile(r'[_a-z]\w*\.py$', re.IGNORECASE)