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PyChap is a server side Python implementation of a challenge response
authentication protocol used to authenticate users over a network.  It does not
require the storage of plain text passwords, and the stored password
equivalents are changed at the start of every session, or on every request over
the network, depending on the usage of this module.

The functionality of PyChap is just some very simple logic code that may be included
in your project or simply used to better understand the alternative challenge
response protocol system.

src/d/c/DCube-HEAD/gae_py/handler.py   DCube(Download)
from django.utils import simplejson
import pychap
import groups
import store

src/d/c/DCube-HEAD/gae_py/testsetup.py   DCube(Download)
      import pychap
      pychap.authenticate(store.put_user, user)