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Provides completion and calltip support for python documents. To provide the
completion lists and calltips a mix of parsing and introspection is used to
deduct the requested information.

@summary: Python autocompletion support

src/e/i/einstein-HEAD/Python25Einstein/Lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/tools/Editra/src/autocomp/autocomp.py   einstein(Download)
        if lex_value == stc.STC_LEX_PYTHON:
            import pycomp
            self._completer = pycomp.Completer(self._buffer)

src/e/d/Editra-0.7.20/src/autocomp/autocomp.py   Editra(Download)
        lex_value = buff.GetLexer()
        if lex_value == stc.STC_LEX_PYTHON:
            import pycomp
            compl = pycomp.Completer
        elif lex_value in (stc.STC_LEX_HTML, stc.STC_LEX_XML):