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PyCounters is a light weight library to monitor performance in production system.
It is meant to be used in scenarios where using a profile is unrealistic due to the overhead it requires.
Use PyCounters to get high level and concise overview of what's going on in your production code.

See #### (read the docs) for more information

src/d/j/django_counters-0.2/src/django_counters/view_counters.py   django_counters(Download)
import functools
from django.http import HttpRequest
import django.utils.log
from django.conf import settings
import pycounters

src/d/j/django_counters-0.2/src/django_counters/base.py   django_counters(Download)
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
import django.utils.log
import pycounters
from pycounters.base import GLOBAL_DISPATCHER, EventLogger