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PyCRUD package

This package provides a web-interface from where users can send and recieve text messages. This package also allows users to configure connecting to a remote database and customize how the database can be queried based on the messages recieved by the system.

src/p/y/PyCRUD-0.1.6dev/pycrud/lib/base.py   PyCRUD(Download)
from pylons import templating
import pycrud
import pycrud.lib.helpers as h
import pycrud.model as model

src/r/e/Refaction-0.0.1dev/refaction/config/environment.py   Refaction(Download)
from sqlalchemy import engine_from_config
import pycrud
pycrud_root = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(pycrud.__file__))