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An object that can be documented.

The interface is a bit ridiculously wide.

@ivar docstring: The object's docstring.  But also see docsources.
@ivar system: The system the object is part of.
@ivar parent: ...
@ivar parentMod: ...
@ivar name: ...
@ivar documentation_location: ...(more...)

src/b/a/babbledrive-HEAD/generator-pydoctor/pydoctor/zopeinterface.py   babbledrive(Download)
class Attribute(model.Documentable):
    kind = "Attribute"
    css_class = "attribute"
    document_in_parent_page = True

src/p/y/pydoctor-0.5/pydoctor/test/test_formatting.py   pydoctor(Download)
def test_link():
    doc0 = model.Documentable(None, 'twisted', None)
    docco = model.Documentable(None, 'threadz', None, doc0)
    assert html.link(docco) == 'twisted.threadz.html'
def test_summaryDoc():
    docco = model.Documentable(None, 'threadz', 'Woot\nYeah')