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src/p/y/pydoctor-0.5/pydoctor/zopeinterface.py   pydoctor(Download)
class ZopeInterfaceModule(model.Module):
    def setup(self):
        super(ZopeInterfaceModule, self).setup()
        self.implements_directly = [] # [name of interface]

src/p/y/pydoctor-0.5/pydoctor/test/test_formatting.py   pydoctor(Download)
        sysw = html.SystemWriter(None)
        pack = model.Package(None, 'twisted', None)
        mod = model.Module(None, 'threadz', 'Woot\nYeah', pack)
        fun = model.Function(None, 'blat', 'HICKY HECK\nYEAH', mod)
        fun.argspec = [(), None, None, ()]

src/p/y/pydoctor-0.5/pydoctor/test/test_twistedmodel.py   pydoctor(Download)
from pydoctor.twistedmodel import TwistedSystem
from pydoctor.model import Class, Module, Package
def test_include_private():
def test_include_private_not_in_all():
    system = TwistedSystem()
    m = Module(system, "somemodule", "module doc")
    m.all = []
    c = Class(system, "_private", "some doc", m)