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src/p/y/PyFMI-1.4/src/pyfmi/fmi_algorithm_drivers.py   PyFMI(Download)
import pyfmi
import pyfmi.fmi as fmi
from pyfmi.common.algorithm_drivers import AlgorithmBase, AssimuloSimResult, OptionBase, InvalidAlgorithmOptionException, InvalidSolverArgumentException, JMResultBase
from pyfmi.common.io import ResultDymolaTextual, ResultHandlerFile, ResultHandlerMemory, ResultHandler
from pyfmi.common.core import TrajectoryLinearInterpolation
class AssimuloFMIAlgOptions(OptionBase):
    Options for the solving the FMU using the Assimulo simulation package.
    Currently, the only solver in the Assimulo package that fully supports
    simulation of FMUs is the solver CVode.
class FMICSAlgOptions(OptionBase):
    Options for the solving the CS FMU.