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simple Python binding for fribidi.

pyfribidi uses libfribidi to order text visually using the unicode
algorithm. pyfribidi can also convert text from visual order to
logical order, but the conversion may be wrong in certain cases.

src/p/y/pyfribidi-0.11.0/time_pyfribidi.py   pyfribidi(Download)
import syspath
import timeit
import pyfribidi
hebrew_encodings = ['unicode', 'utf-8', 'utf-16', 'iso8859-8', 'cp1255']

src/p/y/pyfribidi-0.11.0/fribidi_systray.py   pyfribidi(Download)
import gtk
import egg.trayicon
import pyfribidi
clip = gtk.Clipboard()

src/p/y/pyfribidi-0.11.0/test_pyfribidi.py   pyfribidi(Download)
import sys
import unittest
import pyfribidi
from pyfribidi import RTL, LTR, ON