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src/p/y/pyHMSA-0.1/pyhmsa/spec/condition/region.py   pyHMSA(Download)
# Local modules.
from pyhmsa.spec.condition.condition import _Condition
from pyhmsa.util.parameter import NumericalRangeAttribute
# Globals and constants variables.
class RegionOfInterest(_Condition):
    TEMPLATE = 'RegionOfInterest'
    channels = NumericalRangeAttribute(None, 0, required=True, doc='Channel range')

src/p/y/pyHMSA-0.1/pyhmsa/util/test_parameter.py   pyHMSA(Download)
# Local modules.
from pyhmsa.util.parameter import \
    (Parameter, _Attribute, FrozenAttribute, NumericalAttribute, TextAttribute,
     AtomicNumberAttribute, UnitAttribute, XRayLineAttribute, ObjectAttribute,
    object = ObjectAttribute(int)
    enum = EnumAttribute(['a', 'b', 'c'])
    numerical_range = NumericalRangeAttribute('s', -4.0, 4.0)
    date = DateAttribute()
    time = TimeAttribute()