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src/p/y/pylibcurl-0.7.12/pylibcurl/prototype.py   pylibcurl(Download)
def timerfunction(func):
    from pylibcurl import Multi
    def wrap(multi, timeout, userp):
        func(Multi(multi), timeout)

src/p/y/pylibcurl-0.7.12/pylibcurl/shortcuts.py   pylibcurl(Download)
# coding: utf-8
import select, threading
from pylibcurl import Multi, Curl, const
from Queue import Queue, Empty
    def __init__(self, maxconnects, qsize=0, **kwargs):
        self._multi = Multi(**kwargs)
        self._multi.maxconnects = maxconnects
        # TODO: fix bug with pipelining Pool not work
        self._multi.pipelining = 0