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Undo :meth:`start_request`. If :meth:`end_request` is called as many
times as :meth:`start_request`, the request is over and this thread's
connection returns to the pool. Extra calls to :meth:`end_request` have
no effect.

Ending a request allows the :class:`~socket.socket` that has
been reserved for this thread by :meth:`start_request` to be returned to
the pool. Other threads will then be able to re-use that
:class:`~socket.socket`. If your application uses many threads, or has
long-running threads that infrequently perform MongoDB operations, then(more...)

src/s/t/stock-labs-HEAD/python-pymongo/handlers/Base.py   stock-labs(Download)
        db = connection[options.db_name]
        response = db.command({"distinct": "symbols", "key": "S"})
        return response
        db = connection[options.db_name]
        response = db.symbols.find({'S': symbol})
        return response