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Ensure the current thread or greenlet always uses the same socket
until it calls :meth:`end_request`. This ensures consistent reads,
even if you read after an unacknowledged write.

In Python 2.6 and above, or in Python 2.5 with
"from __future__ import with_statement", :meth:`start_request` can be
used as a context manager:

>>> client = pymongo.MongoClient(auto_start_request=False)
>>> db = client.test(more...)

src/p/y/pymstache-0.5.3/pymstache/common.py   pymstache(Download)
    # We avoid use of the with keyword for Python 2.4 support.
    request = client.start_request()
        return client[db][collection].find_one({'path': path}).get("content")