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raised if there is an error in login 

src/p/y/pyogp.lib.client-0.1/pyogp/lib/client/login.py   pyogp.lib.client(Download)
# pyogp
from pyogp.lib.base.exc import LoginError, ParseStartLocError, HTTPError, ResourceError, ResourceNotFound
from pyogp.lib.base.tests.mock_xmlrpc import MockXMLRPC
from pyogp.lib.base.tests.base import MockXMLRPCLogin
            logger.warning('Unknown loginuri type: %s' % (self.loginuri))
            raise LoginError('Unknown loginuri type: %s' % (self.loginuri))
        return self.response
            self.response = login_handler(self.login_params)
        except Exception, error:
            raise LoginError('Failed to login agent due to: %s' % (error))
        if self.response['login'] in ('true', 'false'):
                logger.warning('Failed to login \'%s %s\' due to %s' % (self.input_params['firstname'], self.input_params['lastname'], 'empty response from loginuri'))
                raise LoginError('Failed login due to empty response from loginuri')
            elif self.response['login'] == 'false':
                logger.warning('Failed login for \'%s %s\', Reason: %s' % (self.input_params['firstname'], self.input_params['lastname'], self.response['message']))
                raise LoginError('Failed login due to: %s' % (self.response['message']))

src/p/y/pyogp.apps-0.1dev/pyogp/apps/web/django/pyogp_webbot/login/views.py   pyogp.apps(Download)
from pyogp.lib.client.settings import Settings
from pyogp.lib.base.helpers import Wait
from pyogp.lib.base.exc import LoginError
from eventlet import api