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This is used to keep track of a given circuit. It keeps statistics
as well as circuit information. 

src/p/y/pyogp.lib.base-0.1/pyogp/lib/base/message/tests/test_circuits.py   pyogp.lib.base(Download)
#local libraries
from pyogp.lib.base.message.circuit import CircuitManager, Circuit, Host
from pyogp.lib.base.message.message import Message, Block
from pyogp.lib.base.message.message import Message
    def test(self):
        circuit = Circuit(self.host, 1)
        assert circuit.next_packet_id() == 1, "Wrong next id"
        assert circuit.next_packet_id() == 2, "Wrong next id 2"
    def test_add_reliable(self):
        circuit = Circuit(self.host, 1)