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raised if there is an error in login 

src/p/y/pyogp.lib.client-0.1/pyogp/lib/client/agent.py   pyogp.lib.client(Download)
from pyogp.lib.client.login import Login, LegacyLoginParams, OGPLoginParams
from pyogp.lib.base.datatypes import  Quaternion, Vector3, UUID
from pyogp.lib.client.exc import LoginError
from pyogp.lib.client.region import Region
from pyogp.lib.client.inventory import AIS, UDP_Inventory
            if (self.firstname == '') or (self.lastname == '') or (self.password == ''):
                raise LoginError('Unable to login an unknown agent.')

src/p/y/pyogp.lib.client-0.1/pyogp/lib/client/agentmanager.py   pyogp.lib.client(Download)
# pyogp
from pyogp.lib.base.datatypes import UUID
from pyogp.lib.client.exc import LoginError
from pyogp.lib.base.helpers import Wait

src/p/y/pyogp.lib.client-0.1/pyogp/lib/client/tests/test_agent.py   pyogp.lib.client(Download)
from pyogp.lib.client.agent import Agent, Home
from pyogp.lib.client.login import LegacyLoginParams, OGPLoginParams
from pyogp.lib.client.exc import LoginError
# pyogp tests