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src/p/y/pyogp.lib.client-0.1/pyogp/lib/client/objects.py   pyogp.lib.client(Download)
from pyogp.lib.base.datatypes import UUID, Vector3, Quaternion
from pyogp.lib.client.event_system import AppEvent
from pyogp.lib.client.namevalue import NameValueList
# pyogp message
            namevalues = ObjectData_block['NameValue']
            object_properties['NameValue'] = NameValueList(namevalues)
            # deal with the data stored in _ObjectData
            object_properties['Flags'] = 0
            object_properties['Radius'] = 0
            object_properties['NameValue'] = NameValueList(None)
            object_properties['ExtraParams'] = None