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For larger data sets should use dojo.store.JsonRest etc. 
instead of dojo.store.Memory

x = new JsonRest(options)

@param accepts: HTTP request accept header
@param ascendingPrefix:
@param descendingPrefix:
@param headers:
@param idProperty: identity property(more...)

src/p/y/pyojo-0.0.2/src/pyojo/js/lib/tree.py   pyojo(Download)
from pyojo.js import dojo
from pyojo.js import dijit
from pyojo.js.dojo.store import JsonRest
from pyojo.js.dijit.model import ObjectStoreModel
    def __init__(self, data_source, dnd=False):
        super(TreeJSON, self).__init__("TreeJSON")
        store = JsonRest(target = data_source,
                         getChildren = self.getChildren)

src/p/y/pyojo-0.0.2/src/pyojo/tests/basic/test_dojo.py   pyojo(Download)
    def setUp(self):
        from pyojo.js.dojo.store import JsonRest
        self.x = JsonRest()
    def test_class(self):