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src/p/y/pyon-HEAD/pyon/core/bootstrap.py   pyon(Download)
    This is separate so that it can be called after config changes (from directory, command line etc)
    from pyon.core.exception import ContainerConfigError
    from pyon.util.containers import is_basic_identifier
    if not is_basic_identifier(config.get_safe("system.root_org", "")):
        raise ContainerConfigError("Config entry 'system.root_org' has illegal value")

src/p/y/pyon-HEAD/pyon/container/procs.py   pyon(Download)
from pyon.core import exception
from pyon.core.bootstrap import CFG, IonObject, get_sys_name
from pyon.core.exception import ContainerConfigError, BadRequest, NotFound
from pyon.ion.endpoint import ProcessRPCServer
from pyon.ion.conversation import ConversationRPCServer
        process_instance = self._create_process_instance(process_id, name, module, cls, config, proc_attr)
        if not isinstance(process_instance, ResourceAgent) and not isinstance(process_instance, SimpleResourceAgent):
            raise ContainerConfigError("Agent process must extend ResourceAgent")
        listeners = []
        process_instance = for_name(module, cls)
        if not isinstance(process_instance, BaseService):
            raise ContainerConfigError("Instantiated service not a BaseService %r" % process_instance)
        # Prepare service instance