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src/p/y/pyon-HEAD/pyon/ion/process.py   pyon(Download)
from pyon.util.log import log
from pyon.core.thread import PyonThreadManager, PyonThread, ThreadManager, PyonThreadTraceback, PyonHeartbeatError
from pyon.ion.service import BaseService
from gevent.event import Event, waitall, AsyncResult
class IonProcessThread(PyonThread):
    Form the base of an ION process.

src/p/y/pyon-HEAD/pyon/public.py   pyon(Download)
__all__ += ['DotDict', 'DotList', 'dict_merge', 'get_safe', 'named_any', 'get_ion_ts', 'get_ion_ts_millis']
from pyon.core.thread import PyonThreadError, PyonThread, PyonThreadManager
__all__ += ['PyonThreadError', 'PyonThread', 'PyonThreadManager']

src/p/y/pyon-HEAD/pyon/core/test/test_thread.py   pyon(Download)
__license__ = 'Apache 2.0'
from pyon.core.thread import PyonThreadManager, PyonThread
from pyon.core.exception import ContainerError
from pyon.util.int_test import IonIntegrationTestCase
    def test_proc(self):
        self.counter = 0
        proc = PyonThread(self.increment, 2)
        self.assertEqual(self.counter, 0)