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src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/metainterp/compile.py   Sypy(Download)
    def handle_fail(self, metainterp_sd, jitdriver_sd):
        assert jitdriver_sd.result_type == history.VOID
        raise metainterp_sd.DoneWithThisFrameVoid()
class DoneWithThisFrameDescrInt(_DoneWithThisFrameDescr):
    elif result_type == history.FLOAT:
        result = BoxFloat()
    elif result_type == history.VOID:
        result = None

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/metainterp/executor.py   Sypy(Download)
from pypy.rlib.unroll import unrolling_iterable
from pypy.jit.metainterp.history import BoxInt, BoxPtr, BoxFloat, check_descr
from pypy.jit.metainterp.history import INT, REF, FLOAT, VOID, AbstractDescr
from pypy.jit.metainterp import resoperation
from pypy.jit.metainterp.resoperation import rop
            result = longlong.ZEROF
        return BoxFloat(result)
    if rettype == VOID:
            cpu.bh_call_v(func, descr, args_i, args_r, args_f)

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/metainterp/pyjitpl.py   Sypy(Download)
                    history.REF: 'ref',
                    history.FLOAT: 'float',
                    history.VOID: 'void'}[jd.result_type]
            tokens = getattr(self, 'loop_tokens_done_with_this_frame_%s' % name)
            jd.portal_finishtoken = tokens[0].finishdescr
            sd = self.staticdata
            result_type = self.jitdriver_sd.result_type
            if result_type == history.VOID:
                assert resultbox is None
                raise sd.DoneWithThisFrameVoid()
        sd = self.staticdata
        result_type = self.jitdriver_sd.result_type
        if result_type == history.VOID:
            assert exitbox is None
            exits = []

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llsupport/descr.py   Sypy(Download)
            result = 'rffi.cast(lltype.SignedLongLong, res)'
            category = 'f'
        elif result_type == history.VOID:
            result = '0'
            category = 'i'

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llgraph/runner.py   Sypy(Download)
            for arg in ffi_args:
                kind = get_ffi_type_kind(self, arg)
                if kind != history.VOID:
            reskind = get_ffi_type_kind(self, ffi_result)

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llsupport/llmodel.py   Sypy(Download)
    def bh_call_v(self, func, calldescr, args_i, args_r, args_f):
        assert isinstance(calldescr, CallDescr)
        if not we_are_translated():
            calldescr.verify_types(args_i, args_r, args_f, history.VOID)
        # the 'i' return value is ignored (and nonsense anyway)

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llsupport/ffisupport.py   Sypy(Download)
    except UnsupportedKind:
        return None
    if reskind == history.VOID:
        result_size = 0
        return history.FLOAT
    elif kind == 'v':
        return history.VOID
    elif cpu.supports_longlong and (kind == 'I' or kind == 'U'):     # longlong
        return 'L'

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llsupport/test/test_descr.py   Sypy(Download)
    assert (get_call_descr(c0, [], lltype.Void).get_result_type() ==
    descr4 = get_call_descr(c0, [lltype.Float, lltype.Float], lltype.Float)