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src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/unroll.py   Sypy(Download)
        jumpop = loop.operations[-1]
        if jumpop.getopnum() == rop.JUMP or jumpop.getopnum() == rop.LABEL:
            loop.operations = loop.operations[:-1]
        if jumpop.getopnum() == rop.JUMP:
            if self.jump_to_already_compiled_trace(jumpop):
                # Found a compiled trace to jump to

src/s/y/Sypy-HEAD/jit/backend/llsupport/rewrite.py   Sypy(Download)
    def handle_malloc_operation(self, op):
        opnum = op.getopnum()
        if opnum == rop.NEW:
            self.handle_new_fixedsize(op.getdescr(), op)
        elif opnum == rop.NEW_WITH_VTABLE: