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src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/metainterp/pyjitpl.py   plexnet(Download)
                # for oosends (ootype only): calldescr is a MethDescr
                res = self.execute_varargs(rop.OOSEND, varargs,
                                             descr=jitcode.calldescr, exc=True)
            if vi:
            # but we should not follow calls to that graph
            return self.execute_varargs(rop.OOSEND, varargs,
                                        descr=methdescr, exc=True)
    def opimpl_residual_oosend_canraise(self, methdescr, varargs):
        return self.execute_varargs(rop.OOSEND, varargs, descr=methdescr, exc=True)
    @arguments("descr", "varargs")
    def opimpl_residual_oosend_noraise(self, methdescr, varargs):
        self.execute_varargs(rop.OOSEND, varargs, descr=methdescr, exc=False)
    def execute_and_record(self, opnum, descr, *argboxes):
        assert opnum != rop.CALL and opnum != rop.OOSEND
        # execute the operation
        profiler = self.staticdata.profiler

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/metainterp/jitprof.py   plexnet(Download)
    def count_ops(self, opnum, kind=OPS):
        from pypy.jit.metainterp.resoperation import rop
        self.counters[kind] += 1
        if opnum == rop.CALL or opnum == rop.OOSEND:
            self.calls[kind-OPS][0] += 1