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src/p/y/pyrocore-0.4.2/src/pyrocore/util/load_config.py   pyrocore(Download)
            # Resolve factory and callback handler lists
            elif any(key.endswith(i) for i in ("_factories", "_callbacks")) and isinstance(namespace[key], basestring):
                namespace[key] = [pymagic.import_name(i.strip()) for i in namespace[key].replace(',', ' ').split()]
        # Update config values again

src/p/y/pyrocore-0.4.2/src/tests/test_pymagic.py   pyrocore(Download)
    def test_import_name(self):
        docstr = pymagic.import_name("pyrocore", "__doc__")
        assert "Core Package" in docstr
        docstr = pymagic.import_name("pyrocore.util", "__doc__")
    def test_import_fail(self):
            pymagic.import_name("pyrocore.does_not_exit", "__doc__")
        except ImportError, exc:
            assert "pyrocore.does_not_exit" in str(exc), str(exc)
    def test_import_colon(self):
        docstr = pymagic.import_name("pyrocore:__doc__")
        assert "Core Package" in docstr
    def test_import_missing_colon(self):