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src/p/y/pyrone-1.1.2/pyrone/views/blog.py   pyrone(Download)
        # redirect to comment URL, this trick is required because some
        # browsers don't reload page after changing page anchor (e.g. http://example.com/index#abc)
        comment_url = h.article_url(request, article) + '#comment-' + request.GET['commentid']
        return HTTPFound(location=comment_url)
    # cosntruct comment_id
    # we're not using route_url() for the article because stupid Pyramid urlencodes fragments
    comment_url = h.article_url(request, article) + '?commentid=' + str(comment.id)
    # return rendered comment
    for a in articles:
        link = h.article_url(request, a)
        tags_list = []
        for t in a.tags:

src/p/y/pyrone-1.1.2/pyrone/lib/notifications.py   pyrone(Download)
    # construct comment link
    article = comment.article
    comment_url = h.article_url(request, article) + '#comment-' + str(comment.id)
    comment_link = '<a href="%(url)s">%(title)s</a>' % dict(url=comment_url, title=comment_url)
def _extract_article_sub(request, article):
    Extract placeholders substitution strings from the article object
    article_url = h.article_url(request, article)