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src/p/y/pyrone-1.1.2/pyrone/views/admin.py   pyrone(Download)
from pyrone.lib import helpers as h, httpcode
from pyrone.models import config, DBSession, Article, Comment, Tag, File, Config, User, Role, VerifiedEmail
from pyrone.models.file import get_storage_dirs, get_backups_dir, allowed_dltypes
from pyrone.lib.jsonhttpresponse import JSONResponse
def list_backups(request):
    c = dict(backups=list())
    backups_dir = get_backups_dir()
    ind = 1
def restore_backup(request):
    _ = request.translate
    backup_id = request.matchdict['backup_id']
    backups_dir = get_backups_dir()
def backup_now(request):
    Perform complete blog backup: articles, comments, files and settings.
    backups_dir = get_backups_dir()
        return HTTPNotFound()
    backups_dir = get_backups_dir()
    all_backups = [x for x in os.listdir(backups_dir) if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(backups_dir, x))]
    if filename not in all_backups: